4 Reasons for Wedding Cake Tastings (besides eating cake)

Trish Allison Photography

Trish Allison Photography

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the wedding planning process and left wondering what is the point of all of these vendor meetings anyway?  Maybe you're thinking it would be better to pick up some cake samples "to go" rather than sit through another hour-long consultation.  After all, isn't the only purpose of a wedding cake tasting to - ahem - taste the wedding cake?

Choosing a delicious cake flavor is important, but it's not the only reason for your wedding cake tasting.  I'll give you 4 more reasons why your cake consultation is a valuable part of your planning process that you don't want to skip!


1.  You'll meet your designer

Your cake designer is the person responsible for interpreting your vision and translating your wedding theme, mood, or style into a beautiful and cohesive wedding cake design.  Meeting face-to-face benefits both you and your designer.  Not only will you be able to tell if they "get" you, but you can get a feel for some of their other qualities as well.  Do they seem organized, trust-worthy, knowledgeable?  Are they listening to you?  How do they respond to your questions and special requests?  You should feel confident that your designer will be able to follow through on bringing your wedding cake vision to life!


2.  You'll design your dream wedding cake!

Come prepared with lots of inspiration to unload on your designer.  From photos of cake styles you like, to color swatches of your bridesmaids dresses, to your wedding invitations - anything relating to your wedding, your personality, or your story as a couple that you might like represented in your cake can be considered!  It's your designer's job to absorb this information and represent the most important elements in an original cake design that is personal and significant to you.

Note:  Some of my best design ideas come to me after marinating for a few days, so don't be surprised if your designer needs additional time to come up with the perfect design for you.


Three tier white fondant wedding cake with silver filigree damask stencil and open sugar peony | Enticing Icing, St. Paul/Minneapolis

3.  You'll see life-size wedding cakes on display

Many designers will have "cake dummies" on display during your consultation.  These are made of Styrofoam but covered with real, edible material on the outside to make them look just like real wedding cakes.  These display pieces will show you a designer's work first-hand and close up, giving you a sense of their design style.  You'll also be able to use these display cakes to gauge the size of your own wedding cake.


4.  You'll leave feeling LESS overwhelmed, not more

Unless you're a wedding planner yourself, you're probably going through this process for the first time.  Whether you have tons of questions, or don't even know what questions to ask, your cake designer can help you!  Our job, after all, is to create an enjoyable experience for you by removing the overwhelm!

Some topics commonly discussed during my consultations are:

  • Design options and recommendations

  • Suggested flavor combinations

  • Buttercream vs. fondant (see related post here)

  • Sugar flowers vs. real flowers (stay tuned for an upcoming post!)

  • What to expect from me on your wedding day

  • Pricing guidelines

  • Booking process and next steps


What other questions do you have about wedding cake tastings and consultations?  Leave a comment below!

If your wedding will be in the Minneapolis area and you're interested in working with us to design your perfect wedding cake, head back to our main page to learn more.

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