Captured by Trish Allison Photography.  Styling by Poppati.

Captured by Trish Allison Photography.  Styling by Poppati.

Heather | Owner and designer

I started dreaming about wedding cakes after becoming engaged in 2010.  I wanted something truly special and unique - not a mass-produced, cookie-cutter wedding cake that looked just like everybody else's.  With a vision in my head and a background in cake decorating to get me started, I set out to bring my dream wedding cake to life.

Today, I'm fortunate to collaborate with couples to design their own perfect wedding cakes!


Design Studio | Not a bakery

In creating the vision for Enticing Icing, I was very intentional about building a design studio and not a traditional bakery.  I don't spend my days mass-producing dozens of generic cakes, and I don't have a storefront.  Instead, I commit to a select few clients per weekend and focus all of my creative energy on creating stunning, memorable wedding cakes for these real couples whom I've met and feel connected to.  Throughout your consultation, cake design collaboration, and general communication, I'm confident that you will feel welcomed, appreciated, and truly cared for.  I pride myself on providing a professional and personal service to each of my deserving clients.


Sophisticated Style | Modern elegance

In additional, I believe that my clean, elegant designs demonstrate a unique style and attention to detail that set Enticing Icing apart from other Twin Cities vendors.  Combining a contemporary design style with a menu of fresh-baked cakes using the finest ingredients, I aim to create the perfect centerpiece cake for your wedding reception - one that will create cherished memories for years to come.

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